The Shine Bright Foundation was established by family and friends to help in the following ways.

Raised Funds Go Directly To Research

The SHINE BRIGHT FOUNDATION was launched in November 2013 at our first fundraising event. In 2014 various fundraising events took place which included a half marathon run, long distance walks and a number of other events. Since then the fundraising has continued at an ever increasing rate.

In April 2017 we had a meeting with Sacha Howell, one of the top Oncologists at The Christie who are leading experts in cancer care, research and education, based in Manchester. The research centre has some fantastic trials, and to help their cause Shine Bright Foundation agreed to donate £17,000 for two breast cancer trials, one of which is specifically targeting Triple Negative Breast Cancer. In July 2018 we added another £30,000 to the original amount. It's only possible for us to make this donation because of all the support from the fantastic people who continue to give their time and efforts so generously and we are massively grateful - Thank you!

Originally, our chosen benefactor was the Imperial College (Hammersmith) Hospital in London, who have an oncology research team headed by Professor Justin Stebbing. This team are carrying out research into Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). Following a recent breakthrough in identifying the gene that causes TNBC the team are researching the development of new cancer treatments.

In January 2015, due to everybody’s fundraising we were able to make our initial donation of £5000 to them. Each £5000 donation provides a PhD Scientist in Professor Stebbing's research team with all the experimental consumables required to carry out their work for a period of 4 months. This is an important part of our charity fundraising and we will be providing funds to Professor Stebbing's team whenever possible.

Fund Holistic Treatments in Our Area

During their cancer journey many people have found that alternative treatment running alongside medical intervention has proven to be beneficial.

Reiki, counselling and 'me time' are all important, however sometimes finding somewhere local that can offer these alternative therapies is a challenge. In the Crewe and Nantwich area we have recognised that there are no places offering this support (the nearest place is St Luke’s Hospice in Winsford).

We have teamed up with Simon and Katie Bailey of the Navitas Centre in Shavington to tap into their wealth of expertise in alternative therapy and provide individuals living with cancer with reiki and reflexology treatments but also to enable people to learn reiki for themselves so that they can self-treat.

It is our intention to provide people diagnosed with breast cancer and their families with a support network.

Raise Awareness Of The Symptoms Of TNBC

We are constantly reminded how important self-examination for women is, and also identifying out of the ordinary changes in the body.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is crucial. A lot of cancer treatments have a greater success rate if the cancer is detected early and treatment is administered early enough and acted upon. We aim to add to the massive education by reminding people to check themselves via social media, leaflets and through our web site.

Guide to Checking Breasts