"Reiki has been a wonderful support for me during the rollercoaster which has been my diagnosis with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Dec 2015. It all happened so quickly and I think if I hadn’t had the support of my Reiki Master Simon Bailey, I would not have coped as well as I did during 4 weeks of intensive radiotherapy treatment after my surgery. I managed to attend weekly, and the difference Reiki made to me was remarkable. Sometimes I’d arrive rather worn out by it all, but I always felt revived and positive after a treatment. The gentleness and healing supported me hugely. It was my little haven of sanity amidst all the turmoil and I would recommend it to anyone as a calming, reassuring and relaxing experience." - Kate

It is the aim of the Shine Bright Foundation to be able to offer Reiki and Reflexology treatments for patients who are currently receiving breast cancer treatment in the Crewe and Nantwich area. St Lukes Hospice in Winsford offer similar therapies and the Shine Bright Foundation wishes only to further enhance what is available and not replace, so any therapies available are in addition to those offered by St Lukes.

With this aim in mind we are working alongside Simon and Katie Bailey of the Navitas Centre in Shavington, providing funds for individuals living with breast cancer to have the benefit of Reiki and Reflexology treatments. We are also keen to teach those who wish to learn, the self healing practice of Reiki, including their partners if they also wish to learn as we know it can be such a difficult time for loved ones too.

Navitas Centre

Simon and Kate at the Navitas Centre are both experienced Reiki Practitioners and Teachers, often referred to as Reiki Master Teachers.

A recent academic research study at Huddersfield University have shown Reiki to be beneficial, with a particular focus on women with cancer. The Huddersfield Research project concluded that ‘Reiki could be a beneficial tool in the self-management of quality of life issues for women with cancer’. The study discovered benefits such as ‘a release from emotional strain’, ‘a clearing of the mind from cancer’ and ‘feelings of inner peace and relaxation’. Further details about the study can be found here: Reiki Aids the Wellbeing of Cancer Suffers

Reiki is a way of healing through positive energy being passed through the practitioners hands. Originating in Japan, Reiki can bring about a deep state of relaxation and calm which can aid wellbeing. Reiki treatments normally last for around an hour and the recipient will remain fully clothed as they relax on a massage couch, or a chair if preferred. It is common to experience deep feelings of relaxation, heat or cold, intense emotions or even visions of bright intense colours. There is no 'usual' experience with Reiki and it is very subjective with recipients having completely different experiences with each treatment session.

Reflexology is a popular complementary therapy. Reflexologists generally work on the feet, using a number of different techniques they apply gentle pressure to specific areas on the foot, stimulating reflex points on the foot. The benefits of Reflexology include, relieving stress, aiding sleep, increasing energy levels, and bringing about a general sense of wellbeing

There are 6 full one hour sessions available for either Reiki or Reflexology. These sessions will be fully funded by both the Shine Bright Foundation and the Navitas Centre. There will be either a telephone or face to face consultation to establish the best therapy to meet your needs. The Navitas Centre also offers other therapies, which may be discussed during the consultation. During the consultation there will be also the opportunity to discuss learning Reiki and the benefits of doing so.

"I am so overwhelmed. Thank you so much for your huge gesture!!! Having some hair that will make me feel “more normal” and able to grow in confidence coming out of treatment will be truly amazing!!! It means so much. Your cheque means I don’t have to loan money and takes away the worry of having to pay it back too. It has been an anxious 6 months for my family and I but the support and guidance given by you and Shine Bright has been wonderful.

The alternative therapies reflexology and reiki to help with my anxiety during and after treatment have helped me cope and continue with my family life. The advice you gave me for healthy living helped me to get ready and be in the best shape possible prior to my treatments. I know the lovely people at Shine Bright will continue to be there for me in the future. I can’t thank you and the Shine Bright charity enough. I will give back to you in some way and if there is anything I can help the charity with please let me know" - Sue

We know how difficult a time this will be, so we wish to make it as easy as possible. Simply speak to either Kate or Simon at Navitas Centre on 01270 260200. Please just let them know you have come through the Shine Bright Foundation. They will take care of the relevant paperwork and will also take good care of you.